Herts Travel Clinic


Herts Travel Clinic offers a full and thorough assessment of all your needs for your forthcoming trip.

Ideally, you should visit us 6-8 weeks before departure, and an appointment is always preferable, but accelerated programs are available in certain cases for those having less preparation time. It is never too late to obtain your vaccinations.

We also welcome walk-in clients, but advise calling first, especially for those coming from outside the area.

Herts Travel Clinic is located within Heath Pharmacy. You will be seen in our private consultation room, and the whole premises benefits from a temperature-controlled environment. There is ample low-cost parking close by.

You can expect your appointment to last 30-40 minutes, depending upon the complexity of your itinerary.

Safe travel is not just about vaccinations. Many parts of the world carry the risk of infection with non-vaccine preventable diseases. We are able to supply the traveller with appropriate anti-malarials as well as offer a comprehensive range of insect repellents, sun-protection products and other items specifically designed to enhance your journey and safety.