People travelling overseas carry a 50% chance of experiencing a travel-related illness.

You are vulnerable to insect bites the moment you step off the aircraft.

Research shows that it is very unlikely you will contract an infectious disease on board an aircraft.

Allow sufficient time to adapt when visiting places at high altitude, eg 3-5 days, though this will vary between individuals.

Both ascent and descent should be gradual.

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) can have an onset as quickly as 6-12hrs. It is caused by a lack of oxygen, as air pressure reduces with altitude.

The higher the altitude, the greater the exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Remember to use extra sunscreen/sunblock, and appropriate sunglasses.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) states that travellers are more likely to suffer injury through accidents than contract an infectious disease.

More accidents and injuries occur in the 15-29 year old group, often due to risk taking and sports.

Be well insured to cover all eventualities, including medical costs and possible repatriation. Insurance is not just about losing luggage !