This vaccination is currently only available on the NHS for a very limited age group. Why wait and risk contracting this often painful and stressful condition?

You qualify for a shingles vaccination if you are over-50.

Our price is £160.00



We offer the seasonal flu vaccination, both through a private service, priced at £15, for eligible groups, and also as a free NHS service, for the over-65’s and also for those, aged 18-65, who fall within certain therapeutic criteria,

eg. Asthmatics & COPD, Pregnancy, Care-Home patients and front-line Carers, Diabetics, Heart/Kidney/Liver failure patients……….

No prior appointment is necessary for the flu vaccination.



Haji Pilgrims making the journey to Saudi Arabia may be required to present a vaccination certificate for Meningitis to Saudi immigration; we provide this.

Full Travel Consultation

Herts Travel Clinic is happy to offer a Full Travel Consultation, at a cost of £10.00. If this results in your decision to have any vaccination or obtain anti-malarial treatment, then the consultation is free of charge.

Please be prepared by bringing with you a past vaccination history, usually easily obtainable as a printout from your surgery.

In addition, and to save time, you can download a Risk Assessment Form (RAF) from this website. This will also give you the opportunity to reflect on your planned itinerary, in respect of possible vaccinations required.

Herts Travel Clinic will not encourage you to have unnecessary treatment. We will discuss your planned itinerary, point out the options, but leave you to decide.